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About us

Glamour’s products are made by hand in UK. Our simple goal to make the highest quality cosmetics for everyone. All our ingredients are sourced from UK businesses. Each batch is air dried in our workplace, all products are made with care and love. We hope our passion for quality handmade natural product is evident in every single product. Transform your mood with our exclusive luxury product. All product are cruelty free and plastic free, they have Cosmetic Product Safety Certificate from a Cosmetic Safety Consultant.

Cold process soap

Cold Process soaps are produced by heating the oils which are then removed from the heat to allow cooling to the desired temperature. The lye mixture is then added. This combination is then stirred until the saponification process has taken place and poured into moulds.
The soap then needs a further 4 to 6 weeks drying time before the soap is ready to be wrapped and sold.

Melt and Pour soap. Rich in Glycerin.

Melt and Pour soap making in the process of melting a preexisting soap base, most often adding colour and fragrance, then pouring the soap base into the mould.
Once fully hardened the result is a bar that is able to be use right away. Good moisturising from a very high glycerine content.