Wholesale with Glamour Natural Cosmetics you will definitely get repeat customers. We believe that our soaps quality and the design stand out in the crowd. Your customers are first attracted by the colourful design and the wonderful scents. Then they take the soap home, use it and discover the wonderfully luxurious way it makes their skin feel. It’s impossible to go back to mainstream detergent soaps again. The soap love has begun… it’s just that simple, because the soap sells itself.

All our products have a Cosmetic Product Safety Report from a Cosmetic Safety Consultant.

We have stock, but if you want to order a large amount of Cold Process soaps, please make your order 4-6 weeks in advance. However, we can deliver the Melt and Pour soaps within 2-7 working days.

We require a minimum order to be able to offer wholesale pricing. The first minimum order is £100 wholesale price.

Please, complete the form below for more information on our wholesale program.

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